About Us

Jyoti Enterprises is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Supplier of hygienically manufactured Pharmaceutical Medicines. The company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and has been earning acclaim for its quality standards since its inception in November 1993 Mr. Devang C. Pajwani and Mr. Hemang C. Pajwani are partners on the firm and have given in a lot of efforts into its stable functioning and progress.

Our Founders

Late Mr. Chandrakant Pajwani

  • Vaxins Founder Mr. Devang Pajwani
  • Vaxins Founder Mr. Hemang Pajwani

Our Chief Accountant

 Ms. Foram Hindocha

(Chartered Accountant)

Our Delivery Team Members

Mr. Hemant Sapkal
Mr. Sandeep Bhilare
Mr. Maruti Lugade
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